Monday, 26 January 2015

COVO matte magic lipstick review | Icy Coral | Malaysia

Looking for an affordable yet high quality lipstick?
You may consider this into your bucket list.

Honestly from my first glance, I never thought of getting any thing from this brand, maybe because I just had too many makeup and feel like saving my money from buying more makeup.

Let me saying it clearly because I don't want people to misunderstand my words + my chronology on how I ended up buying COVO Lipstick. 

1) Never feel like buying it because of the retail price, never heard of the brand, never heard any review about it, therefore, I never thought of spending my money into this brand.

2) Yes, I have seen this brand threw few events, launches and so on ...few of my blogger friends attended the events, speaking a lot of good things about it, but none of them attract my attention to give it a try. WHY?
The only reason I don't buy because they promoting something "normal", "regular" and I feel there's nothing special about it until I can spend my MONEY into it. Most of them didn't review the lipsticks. Besides that, most of their reviews are full of selfies, nothing interesting and cover more into events instead of products.

3) Innanie's review and Layla's post attract my attention. They reviewed this lipstick with the unique feature; mirror. The mechanism that I have been searching for ages!
4) SOLD OFF by these two ladies, I went to the counter at Sunway Pyramid, they had an amazing deal, mark down to RM 22.50 from RM 45.

5) TRIED, FALL IN LOVE, and it's been my favorite lipstick til then. 

Texture and pigmentation

The texture is soft and buttery, moist, glides smoothly onto the lips even though it is MATTE. It has decent vanilla smell almost similar to MAC lipstick! Seriously, the quality of this product is amazing. Even the texture is beatable to MAC! Forget the RM 70 MAC Bullet, give this a try cause it is worth to be given attention.
 Even though it is matte, yet if in MAC collection, the texture would be more classified as satin, which is creamy, very pigmented, with medium moisturizing level between moist and matte as well as smooth application.

I would like to try other types too so that I could compare the texture with MAC, maybe next time.

Color description
It has warm peachy- coral color that suits on all Asian complexion from fair to dark.

Color Choice
They have limited of color choice. I wish the matte finish has bright and bold colors so that it won't smudge and stay on placed. The moisturising type of lipstick hold variety of bold and bright colors; red, plum, hot pink whilst the matte type has opposite colors; nude and light pink family.
I prefer red color to be in matte-finish instead of moisturizing finish because it won't smudge all over-the-place. 


This is the most interesting part, interesting enough until I've been using it until quarter of bullet because of this. It has my full dream packaging! Few months before been introduced to this lipstick (basically know them from my friends: Innanie Ariffin and Layla)

LOVE: The mirror, square classy packaging, the single stone (I wish the stone is in white).
HATRED: The logo ( honestly, I found the star looks cute and doesn't suits with the packaging and the lipstick personality :P) .

I can't blame the Logo since it is their company profile identity, but I just wish they change it! Make it more elegance and sophisticated.

That's all my simple review. 
Thank you for reading. 

in the website:
"This is a creamy matte, colour-rich lipstick with silk-like, satin finish. Covo’s Matte Magic Lipstick is enriched with vitamin E and active ingredients for moisturising, nourishing and improves the depth of fine lines and wrinkles on the lips.The well-balanced formula provides comfort with hydrating & moisturising benefits, yet stays matte the whole day."

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Monday, 19 January 2015

L'occiaten Ar Le Sien Ne Handcream Review | Malaysia

L'occitane is mainly popular with their body care, starting from head to toe including skincare. Especially the handcream, I have one
honestly I got this handcream from Butterfly Project Christmas gift box and willing to do a review by myself since it is highly requested from you guys and friends.

"L'occitane lotion okay ke?" , "L'occitane handcream apa yang best?", "what do you think about L'occitane products?".

Wanna know the answers? Silakan Baca ye? 
This travel size (10ml) of hand-cream is travel-friendly and doesn't consume any space. Small pea amount of the product is enough to soften the hands. This small tube of hand-cream could lasts up to 2 months (estimation period) based on the number of usage.

It is in cream formed (LOL obviously!) , the consistency is pretty thick yet it absorbs decently and fast onto the skin. The dense texture absorbs onto the hands and makes the hands soft, smooth with no oily greasy residue.  Comfortable with perfect moisturising level for us living in Malaysia with high humidity and oily skin. So far, only L'occitane and Evelyn & Crabtree are my favorite hand-cream brands. These two brands are my favorite and I keep using them until the last squeeze.
Great for my dry skin and it is also not annoying, not greasy and no oily residues, that is most important elements when it comes to hand-cream.

Small, compact, screwed top, no leaking, looks exclusive and the floral coral make it looks girly and elegant at the same time as the color combinations are sweet and pleasant. The design is not like the typical boring classy L'occitane design. Opsie! hehe

Can you see the symbol? A jar with 12M word stated in it? That means, the product can be used within 12 months after opened. 

It's really hydrating and moisturizing. Worth to give it a try and investing it.

It has delicate floral scent, bearable, not too strong. Great for those who doesn't really like strong fragrance (like me!).  The scent could last on the hands up to 3 hours without rinse/ wash.
Thank you for reading. 

That's all for my simple short review on this hand-cream.

See you in the next post! 
You can shopping online at their website!
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