Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hello guys! Today I've uploaded a Raya Tag video on my youtube channel! woot! woot! if you are interested to know me well just go to my channel and watch it! or just click the video below. haha

Following are the questions asked; 
1. What are your raya traditions? 
2. How many and what kind of baju raya are u getting? 
3. What's your favourite makeup look for raya. 
4. What's your fav raya dish and kuih? 
5. Balik kampung mana? 
6. Fav kasut raya? 
7. How many houses do u visit? 
8. How many open houses in the month? 
9. Duit raya dapat brapa or dah tak dapat? 
10. Ultimate fav part about raya.

hope you enjoyed watching my simple video and see you next time! hehe. selamat berpuasa! 

p/s: I just had a new hair cut. What do you think? hehe. The cut is, shorter at the back and longer at the front part with a touch of hair bang to cover up my big fore head! he he.  by the way, my best friends and I have the same the blouse in the picture but in different color. This blouse was purchased in last year's Ramadhan. This year, we bought a same pattern of bag for Raya. Yes, every year we would buy the same thing together. We didn't plan to buy the same item together but it happened. we have the same taste, we like the same item, reasonable price, zappppp! we bought it together. done! hehe.  Hopefully, we won't get married with the same guy. haha. okay! muah muah to : Lily and Shaza. 

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